How to Save PDF as Image 2022

Which method is the most effective on how to save a picture as a pdf? You would choose to have the material in image format instead of PDF format. This causes the saving of the PDF as an image format. If you're looking for a quick way to save a PDF as a photo, you've come to the right place. We'll go through how to keep a PDF as a high-resolution file in this post.

How to Save PDF as Image Online

To save PDF as Image Online, you first need to convert PDF to image before saving it. Using CocoDoc's PDF to Image converter tool, you can easily convert the PDF into Image online.

Here are the steps on how to convert PDF to Image.

Step 1: Visit CocoDoc PDF to JPG Converter page

Step 2: Upon visiting, you can see the option to drop files. For that, select the choose file option, and select the desired PDF to be converted into an image.

Step 3: Upon uploading the PDF file, press the continue option.

Step 4: After clicking the continue option, the PDF will get processed into an image.

Step 5: Your file is now ready. You can now download the file by clicking the download option or copy the URL & Share the file.

The CocoDoc is an effective tool for converting PDF to JPG in minutes. Your image is ready to save.

How to Convert PDF to Image on Windows (Adobe Solution)

To convert PDF to PNG in Windows using Adobe Solution, use the following steps.

Step 1: In Adobe Acrobat Pro, open a PDF file. To do so, you can see a red A button when you open the application, click the file in the top menu bar, click Open..., pick the PDF folder you want to convert to an image, and click Open.

Only the premium upgrade of Adobe Acrobat Pro will fit with this. You cannot use this tool until you have installed Adobe Acrobat.

Step 2: Toggle to the Tools page in the upper-left corner and choose PDF Export.

Step 3: Click on the image to enlarge it and select a picture format. JPEG and PNG are two standard picture formats.

Step 4: Save your file. If you'd like, rename the file, then press Save at the bottom of the pop-up window. It will save each one of the pages in your PDF file as a separate image.

How to Export PDF as Image on Mac

To export PDF as an image on Mac, follow these easy steps.

You can transform PDF pages to images using your Mac's built-in Preview software, but you can only convert one page at a time.

Step 1: Pick the PDF by going to the file location and clicking it.

Step 2: Select the file and choose open with. The drop-down menu contains this option. When you choose it, a pop-up menu appears.

Step 3: Select Preview from the drop-down menu and select the tab to convert to an image file on the left side of the Preview window.

Step 4: Select the file and then the "Format" from the drop-down box and save.

Steps of Converting PDF to Image on a Cell Phone

The process to convert PDF to image is the same as converting on the PC or Laptop. For that, you need to visit the and then repeat the points mentioned above.


CocoDoc can be a great tool for converting your PDF to an image in minutes. With a stable Internet connection, you are ready. This a very secure & safe tool, and all your information is completely erased from our database. You can access CocoDoc from anywhere & any device.