How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10

Converting PDF files to JPG format, or making some other PDF changes, can be a lengthy and difficult task. When you wish to share images through smartphones or advertisement brochures, you will need them in their JPG format. Previously, you would have needed a specific software to take care of the PDF conversion and formatting tool to convert every PDF file to a JPG document format.

However, the advancements in technology have now made it easy to convert the format of a PDF file to JPG without making many charges, following complex processes, or paying any fees.

Why You Need to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10

You might need to convert PDF File into JPG Format on Windows 10 for the following reasons:

  • Sharing: While many programs and browsers can open PDF files, it is often more practical to upload and share an image, for example, to use as a thumbnail or on social media.
  • Editing: Although there are many methods to modify PDF documents, there are times when an image editing application is much more efficient, and some of them do not support PDF files while JPG is still supported.
  • Videos: If you wish to display a certain section of a document in a video, you can convert it to JPG because certain video editing applications support images better than text files.

How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10 (Online Solution)

CocoDoc PDF to JPG converter tool has made it easier to convert your files seamlessly. Anyone can use any picture in a PDF file and convert it to JPG format with ease. In certain cases, the JPG format provides more accuracy and eases the use of a file when compared to PDF.

Here is how to convert the PDF file to JPG Format.

Visit the CocoDoc PDF to JPG converter page.

You can either directly Drop the File or Select a file by clicking the "Choose the file" button.

Choose the PDF you would like to convert to an image.

Once the file is uploaded, click on "Continue"

Once your file is ready, Click on "Download."

You'll now access the Image of your PDF file.

The PDF to JPG conversion feature converts PDF documents to JPG image photos in a matter of seconds, so you won't have to wait longer to import or save the newly converted JPG file or pictures. People may use Google Drive, iCloud, or Dropbox to store and share new convert files.

How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10 (Offline Solution)

PDF is one of the most popular formats. However, at times you need to convert your PDFs to JPG online offline but are not sure how to do it. If are looking for the ways to convert your PDF to JPG , here is the perfect solution:

To convert PDF to JPG using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, you +_need to install the paid version of the app. After that, follow the below steps:

Choose a file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC after opening your PDF.

Go to the right pane and select the "Export PDF" tool to convert it to the new file format. Or, go to the menu and select "File"> "Export to"> "Image."

Select a picture size (e.g., JPG file, TIFF, etc.).

Select "Export."

Save the file in the "Save As" dialogue window. Choose a place for the file, rename it if necessary, and then press "Save."

If you save several PDF pages as images, it will keep each page as an individS+ual file.

PDF Converter

Follow the below steps to use Icecream PDF Converter.

To get started, go to the program's official website and download Icecream PDF Converter.

To convert files from PDF to JPG, go to the welcome screen and choose "From PDF." The PDF files you've added will now show up in the application window. Select the PLUS (+) button in the right-hand corner to enable more PDF files to convert. You may also easily drag and drop the files into the program's browser as an option.

Set up the required configurations. If you want to convert each page of the PDF document to a different JPG format, choose Split. Select one of the specified values from the "Save to Folder" drop-down to select the destination folder for the created files.

After you've double-checked all the files you've added and changed the settings, click "Convert" to begin the conversion phase. A validation notification will appear after all files have been transferred, with the option to open the destination folder and access the converted files.


One of the most reliable PDF to JPG converters available in the market is CocoDoc, our converter creates an image that is as similar to the original PDF file as possible. PDF to JPG conversion is accessible online through the CocoDoc website. This PDF to JPG method has never been this accessible before. All you have to do is select the PDF from which you need the JPGs. Convert them to JPGs in just a click. And, share them from your mobile phone in no time. With CocoDoc, convenience is at your fingertips.